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Selling A House Or Apartment FAQ's

Selling A House Or Apartment FAQ's

05/11/19 | 5 MIN READ

Having helped 1000's of homeowners sell their property, we have been asked a million and one questions.  Here are our top 15 questions and answers that we hope helps you too.

1. When’s the best time to put my house on the market?

We can find buyers for a good property at any time of the year. However, if your home has seasonal appeal, such as beach access in summer or a beautiful garden in spring, it’s worth waiting for those months.

2. How long will it take to sell my home?

On average, we find our properties take between two and six weeks to sell. This does depend on the area you live in, and you should add another two weeks to this for us to prepare your house and for your marketing campaign.

3. How can I make sure my house appeals to buyers?

A well-presented home usually sells faster, and at a higher price. Start by de-cluttering - put excess belongings and furniture into storage and you’ll make your home look bigger. Tidy up the garden and make sure the front of your home makes the right first impression.

4. What pre-sale repairs or renovations really pay off?

If a room is dark, look for ways to create more light. Quality taps and door handles can make an immediate impact for little investment, and a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour gives the impression your home has been well maintained.

5. Is it really worth paying for a home stylist?

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Investing a little in making your property look its best usually pays off with a higher sale price, however this is your decision. If your house is empty, it’s a good idea to hire some quality furniture. You’re selling a lifestyle, not just a home.

6. Is it best to sell at auction?

We have found public auctions to be highly effective, especially when there are competing buyers. Emotional engagement and competitive tension can lead to a higher result. Your alternatives include a private treaty / private sale, or public tender. Your McGrath estate agent can advise you on the best method for selling your home.

7. How does McGrath achieve a premium price?

We've developed a proven sales system to maximise the return on your home. It starts with understanding your goals in our first meeting, and discussing ways to increase your home’s value and present it in the best possible way. Every detail can make a difference.

8. What’s your secret to a successful property marketing strategy?

We know we can achieve the best price within the first 30 days of a home being on the market so we focus our energies on achieving that. We also know more than 60% of record prices come from out-of-area buyers. So it’s not enough to put up a sign, we’ll identify the ideal buyer for your home and design the optimum online and physical marketing mix.

9. What is a property appraisal? 

A property appraisal is an informal process that will provide you with an estimated market value of your property.  A Sales Agent will do a comparative market analysis and look at similar properties that have sold in the last 90 days, along with current competition, wider market trends and the key features of your property.


10. What do I receive in a property appraisal?

Our Sales Agents will provide you with a report including a comprehensive assessment of your property, its location, an overview of recent sales in the area and a suggested price guide for your property.  Find out more about what goes into a property appraisal here.


11. Why should I get a property appraisal if I am not selling? 

Even if you are not looking at selling, understanding the value of one, if not your more valuable asset can help ensure you better understand your net worth.  This knowledge can help you make smarter financial decisions. Get a property appraisal

12. What are the different ways to sell a property?

There are 3 main ways to sell a property in Australia, Auction, Private Treaty and Tender / expression of interest.  Visit our Selling a Property page for more detailed information about the different methods of sale

13. What is the best method of sale for my property?

Your real estate agent is the best person to help guide you here.  They will assess the kind of property you are selling, its location, the condition of the local real estate market, how quickly you want to sell and your personal preferences. 

14. How do I prepare my property for sale?

Spending time preparing each room and space of your property for sale can make a big difference to how much you sell your property for.  Download our Preparing your home for Sale checklist to find out exactly what you should do to each room of your property. 

15. What are agent’s fees / agent commission?  

Commission is the agent’s payments for successfully selling a property. All good agents will ensure they work extremely hard to sell a property and secure their income.  


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