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Buying An Apartment Inspection Checklist

Buying An Apartment Inspection Checklist

12/12/2019 | 8 MIN READ

McGrath's Buying a Home Inspection Checklist for Apartments


Knowing what to look for when inspecting an apartment is important to help you narrow down your search and to find the right property.


But what exactly should you look for?  Simply print off our Home Inspection Checklist and take it with you to your open homes.   It will prompt you to notice and document the detail of each room and space of the unit and the block.  Whilst no property is perfect, having an accurate record of the property makes it easier to find the perfect one.


Keep this checklist with the copies of the advertising material together to build up a complete picture of the property. 


Finding your next home is easier with this checklist.



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Home Inspection Apartments - Checklist

Finding your perfect apartment is easier with this handy room by room checklist.

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