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McGrath Summer Collection 2021/22

11/11/2021 | 8 MIN READ

One of the biggest shifts post of COVID-19 has been the need for greater flexibility within the home working environment, with many seeking a home office environment that comfortably catered for the new norm of working from home.


This move has seen the historical need to be within proximity of the city office becoming less relevant as employers and employees find more flexibility and people prioritise lifestyle living now rather than waiting for retirement.


This is the reason for the McGrath Collection Summer 2021 – 2022 magazine returning – we want to make it easy for you find and fall in love with some of Australia’s best Coastal & Country homes on the market across the East Coast.


And if a permanent move isn’t yet on the move, borders are opening again and regional travel is back on the cards for so many of us, so inside you’ll also find out some hidden gems of places we love that might just make that holiday into a permanent stay.


If you do find yourself falling in love with an area and want to know more about the local property market, the community and how you can make the move, drop into one of our McGrath offices (find one local to your ideal location here) or reach out to one of our team here who will be happy to help you in making your dream become a reality sooner.